17 April 2014

What's in their Easter Baskets?

I am done with the girl's baskets and I think I did pretty good this year. I was trying to not go crazy and get them too many things, because there is not much they don't have already #spoiled.
Livvy is finally old enough to get a kite, a tradition in my family. I hope she loves it! I did get Livvy a little more this year because she is older, and Ayla doesn't know the difference at this point. 

My sweet 3 year old is getting:

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Kite
Giggle Baby Butterfly lunchbox
Peeps lip balm
Butterfly Sandals
Assorted goodies...

The finished product:

My sweet 1 year old is getting:

Giggle Baby Butterfly lunchbox
Bunny Sippy Cup
Assorted Goodies

The finished Product:

What do you think??

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BTW- Here is a picture I snapped yesterday while seeing the Easter Bunny:

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16 April 2014

What's Happening Wednesday!

  • Easter stuff!! 
    • I am taking the girls to see the Easter Bunny today! Livvy is super excited. We will see how Ayla reacts... hopefully she doesn't get freaked out! 
    • I am totally going to post what's in their Easter basket tomorrow and participate in the Easter Basket Blog Hop! I thought I'd give fair warning to those who could give a shit- by all means, pass on by. I know it's not your kind of post, and I'll see you around for a non-kid boring post later ;) I love ya anyways! 
    • So, obviously I am done then with their baskets and I think they look great! I love getting stuff done early! They are hiding in my closet and I don't have to do anything but put them out Saturday night after they go to bed! Wooohooo! 
    • I am making Creamy Cheesy Corn for Easter. I don't make it all the time because it's pretty fattening, but it's sooooo good. I am excited to stuff it in my face!

  • This Saturday the hubsters and I are taking the girls to a kite festival. I am looking forward to it. I have never been, but I've heard some great things about it! Apparently they have some bad-ass kites! 

  • I finished reading Clan of the Cave Bear. It was pretty good, so I am going to read the whole series! It's weird reading my daughter's name as the main character, but in the story she's a strong woman so, that's good stuff!
  • I talked about Ayla's tantrums last week and they are still going strong. Ugh! She is cutting some more teeth on top of that and I am about done with both!
  • Spring soccer season is in full swing. My husband referees High School and College... the extra money is nice, but I miss my hubby! He is a good hardworking man though, I do have to say- He works full-time and then refs on the side in Spring and Fall. I usually want to divorce him by the end of the season because he becomes so.freaking.moody. It passes though and he reminds me that I feel that way every year and it will pass... lol (I wouldn't actually divorce him, but he does get really bitchy during soccer seasons)
  • Hearts of Palm- Apparently lots of people are not familiar with it. Let me just tell you- it's delicious! The texture kind of reminds me of an artichoke heart... Here is a description I found:
    • Hearts of palm are a crunchy and slightly sweet vegetable similar in taste to an artichoke heart. They are the bud or inner core taken from a range of palm trees including coconut, acai, jucara and pejibayes. They are also known by a number of other names including palmitos and palm hearts. source

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15 April 2014


Oh, to just be happy. This is something I am working on, it's a struggle sometimes, but I am trying. What is happiness? According to Wikipedia happiness is:

a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Sometimes I am just not happy and I want to be, and so I decided to embark on the 100 happy days Challenge. My good friend started it and I wasn't really getting what it was a about, but thought good for her. I ended up reading an article about it (fate?) and decided I must give this a go. Here is the thing, I have a lot of things that I wish were better in my life, but I should still be reflecting on the things that are amazing. There are happy things that happen every single day. Once I started I called my friend up and we really talked about her experience so far and it really sealed the deal for me. I am in this, the whole 100 days, maybe more, who knows!

Since starting this a few days ago, I can tell you this, I am appreciating the happier moments a lot more than I was. I try to snap pictures of things that make me smile through out the day. I take that first picture and think to myself that there may be more later. I think that is amazing. I am looking forward to finding a happy moments. It makes a big difference when you are seeking out happy things instead of just waiting for the day to pass you by.

So, here are some happy moments that you might have seen in a post or on my instagram...

Yep, Hearts of Palm being back at Costco
 in a two pack makes me extremely happy!

Today I am on day 6 and I will snapping anything that makes me feel happy. Some days I imagine will be hard and some days not so much. I am ready to appreciate the feel good moments in life more. I'm really excited to look back on 100 happy moments of my life when I am done. I think this is going to be good for me- good for the soul. 

Feel free to follow along on my #100happydays on Instagram!

Read more about 100 happy days HERE.

What is making you feel happy today?

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