14 January 2014

Dear Daughters, January

It's a new year ladies and I hope we have lots awesome new memories! I'm going to keep this month's message to you both short and sweet. You both are making my life huge! <3 ...

You are closing in on 3 years of age and that is crazy to me! You are so beautiful inside and out and you manage to amaze me every single day. I love it when you tell me that you yub me... Awesome! I could listen to you tell me that all day long! You are my little singer and it is quite hilarious at times... I really need to record it. You are so caring and really thoughtful for little toddler... maybe I'm doing something right?! Although, you are a stubborn little shit  girl sometimes... I blame it on your Dad! Just so you know, candy is not something you eat for breakfast. Just because you say please when you ask for it does not mean I'm letting you have it. I swear sometimes you really believe I'll give it to you right after you wake up! It is 'alicious' (delicious in Livvy talk) I'll give you that,  but no candy in the morning! I love your snuggles, kisses and all the sweet and not so sweet moments I get with you... you are lovely my dear!  I yub you!

Hey pretty girl! Those faces you make are something else... it makes me smile a lot. You have quite the little personality at the ripe old age of 10 months. You love to laugh, make faces and talk (jibberish). You are all over the place and I'm waiting for you to just take off walking, it's coming anytime now! Anytime you hear music you start to dance. It's awesome, I love it! You have been a little stinker lately though with those teeth of yours! Umm... scraping your teeth as you are unlatching from nursing is not cool! You do it in your sleep and so I don't want to get on to you.... but something has to give and soon! You also throw a fit if someone else has you when you are getting sleepy, you will cry big ol' tears until you are in my arms... it's a love/hate thing for me. I can't really blame you though... I am pretty bad-ass! Love you stink pot!

Always and forever,


  1. This is such a sweet idea! Love them. =)

  2. Your girls are beautiful! They will really enjoy reading these letters when they get older.

  3. Such a sweet idea...! :) They are both so adorable!

  4. I love that you do this every month for your girls! They are cutie pies! I wish I had done something like this because my daughter is now 11 and I would like to go back to a time when she wasn't rolling her eyes at me and read about it. Lol!


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